Paterna – Vinitaly 2015

Il Terraio 2014
Quite lean and mineral. A bit nervous at the moment but you can see the structure there, outstanding texture. A winner.

Chianti 2013
Really bright and vibrant, intense florals, very pretty and approachable. Solid mouthfeel, a bit more tannin structure, more density.

Vignanova 2007
Showing the oak in a lovely way, nice development better than Chianti Riserva. Lovely tight savoury tannins. Wonderful concentration with plenty of acidity.

Vignanova 2008
A little bit lore dense and closed, oak not as prominent on the nose. Lighter but more focused. Less developed, more time is ideal.

Pugni Rosso 2011
Settled down a lot since last June, much more savoury notes, good intensity of tannin.

Pugni Rosso 2012
Leaner tighter less intensity of tannin, perhaps a bit early.

Claudia from Paterna

Claudia from Paterna

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