Heymann-Lowenstein – 30/01/2012

Schifeterassen Reserve Riesling 2010
Nice floral botrytised aromas, pear peach nectarine, brisk zippy acids, nice balance, hints of minerality, good concentration, a bit of texture, great clean finish.

Von Blauern Schiefer Riesling 2010
Slightly more candied nose and citrus, grapefruit concentration, sweetness doesn’t stand out, quite sharp, immense minerality.

Kirchberg Erste Lage Reserve Riesling 2010
Different minerality, slightly deeper, lime and peach, seems more complex and floaty.

Rottgen Erste Lage Reserve Riesling 2010
Much more intense, fuller more depth, riper stone fruit, acids more tempered, longer on the palate, very aromatic floral notes.

Uhlen Erste Lage B Reserve Riesling 2010
Very serious wine, blue slate, brooding complexity, very long, builds on the palate.

Uhlen Erste Lage LaubalyReserve Riesling 2010
Sweetness more prominent, broader rounder style, textural floral minerality.

Uhlen Erste Lage Rothlay Reserve Riesling 2009
Juby candied apricot, texturally very different, acids much lower in this vintage, apricot and orange.

Heymann-Lowenstein slates

Heymann-Lowenstein slates

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