Clemensbusch – 30/01/2012

Vom Roten Shiefer Risling 2010
Slatey mineral, very fresh zingy nose, ripe lemon smoked honey, lemon sherbet, great brightness, textural fruit, zesty lime.

Marienburg Grosses Gewachs Riesling 2008
Peach blossom apricot and honey, nice clean and fresh, great concentration of fruit, nice balance, lovely pure expression, lime and grapefruit.

Marienburg Grosses Gewachs Riesling 2010
Really lovely zingy fresh fruit, fresh citrus and green papaya, citric acid spritz, very young.

Marienburg Grosses Gewachs Rothenffad Riesling 2010
Candied aromatics, dried banana, creamy soda, coke lollies. Intense minerals, rich fruit on the mid-palate, more complex and deep.

Marienburg Grosses Gewachs Falkenlay Riesling 2010
Rounder fuller depth, bright acid freshness, nice balance, very vibrant and fresh.

Marienburg Grosses Gewachs Falkenlay Riesling 2009
Riper tropical pineapple aromas, hints of oily kerosene, fuller texture and viscosity, ripeness and sweetness, some savoury earthy smokiness.

Marienburg Erste Lage Spatlese 2010
Talcy soapy, very delicate semi-sweet, ripe citrus and stone fruit, viscosity and texture.

Auslese Riesling 2006
Oiliness starting to show on the nose, quite treacly and syrupy, nice complex savoury elements, lovely warming fruit salad & custard.

Clemensbusch wines

Clemensbusch wines

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