Henriot – 19/01/2012

Rose NV
Aromatically this wine interestingly combines raspberry with a savoury salty Edam cheese, and on the palate has a nice textural element. Approachable but not simple.

Brut Souverain NV
50% chardonnay and 50% pinot noir blend, has complexity of fruit and lees texture, and is delicate yet fresh.

Blanc de Blancs NV
More restrained and broad, with soft creaminess and a nice rich lemongrass character. After looking at the wine fresh from bottle we then had a second look after transfer in a carafe. The second look showed much toastier elements which were subdued initially, and also a nice smoky cheese element.

Millesime 2002
Nice vanilla brioche croissant, smoky citrus, subdued and soft, a little simple? Toastiness and texture on the palate, sherbert bomb lemon sorbet, evolving in the glass, good length and harmony.

Cuvee des Enchanteleurs 1998
also looked wonderful, and the enjoyment of it was enhanced as we tasted it in the cellars surrounded by bottles in riddling racks.

Henriot tasting

Henriot tasting

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