Domain Day – 10/04/2013

Garganega 2011
Nice clean slightly oily, a touch sea salty and blossomy. Fairly crisp, forward on the palate, fresh texture, balanced through the palate.

Viognier 2009
Bright and fresh citrus blossom and almond, some oily minerality. Quite intense and full, warm texture and weight, creamy robust fruit.

Rose 2010 Pinot Noir Sangiovese
Quite dark, approaching Beaujolais. Dark cherry notes, full character. Dark full-bodied, more red wine than rose.

Sangiovese 2009
Dark and intense colour. Over extracted and fruit sweet, pleasant enough but made like a Shiraz.

Lagrein 2010
Really full inky black, lots of dark plum blackcurrant fruits on the nose, raspberry liquorice. Soft mellow full, round and juicy but also very warm and sweet. Nice clean finish, more in the merlot vein.

Saperavi 2005
Dark earthy concentration, sweet intense blackcurrant fruit, soft dark and full. Teeth-staining.

Dolcezza Garganega 2008
Honeyed citrus notes. Nice balance, not overly sweet, fresh and soft, good lines and complex sweetness on the back.

Domain Day Cellar Door

Domain Day Cellar Door

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