Marcel Deiss – 24/02/2012

Langenberg 1er Cru 2009
Flinty and bright minerality, was full and bold in fruit and was quite rich whilst being pure and restrained.

Schoffweg 1er Cru 2008
A soy mirin and oyster sauce nose with very shy fruit, and was much more subtle in the minerality and savoury elements on the palate.

Gruenspiel 1er Cru 2007
Somewhat an oddity as it contains some red pinot noir in it. Some red and white berry aromas and was very soft but slightly astringent

Gruenspiel 1er Cru 2004
Showing the influence of age on the colour of the wine (orange onion colour) and on the palate, picking up some savoury mushroom and berries and nuts.

Mambourg 2009
A creamy vanilla aroma derived from barrel work and malolactic fermentation, with a bold and earthy mid-palate structure.

Schoenenbourg Grand Cru 2008
A lovely pure mineralic stone fruit nose with rich sweet texture and balance.

Altenbourg Grand Cru 2008
Much bolder and more powerful with some nut and mushroom complexity. Both wines were exceptionally well balanced, fresh and elegant and will live for a long time in the bottle.

Marcel Deiss Altenbourg

Marcel Deiss Altenbourg

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