Bastianich – 3/04/2012

Adriatico Friulano 2010
Friulian, dry roasted honey notes with dusty melon and peach, depth and richness with some floral complexity.

Ribolla Gialla 2010
Slovenian, had a slightly grey tinge to it, steely minerality and peach skin on the nose, and was very salty and tight on the palate with some lees derived texture.

Malvasia 2010
Croatian, more oily saltiness, bold and slightly herbal with a delicate candied lime element.

Vespa Bianco 2009
A blend of chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and picolit, had a bright rich colour, ripe mineralic orchard fruit, and was very ripe and full on the palate, showing powerful yet focused fruit.

Plus 2009
100% friulano wine, that showed roasted walnut and ripe tropical pear notes, had some serious fruity concentration and warmth on the palate, and is one of the most intense white wines I have ever tasted.

Vespa Rosso 2009
A blend of merlot, refosco, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc, and had a very rustic earthy broodiness combining with tightly wound raspberry tannins and minerality.

Calabrone 2007
70% refosco, had bold blackcurrant spice, with both floral and roasted notes, very big fruit and yet balanced oak and alcohol.

The Vespa wines of Bastianich

The Vespa wines of Bastianich

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