Pintia – 21/06/2012

Interesting ripe tomato seeds, intense balsamic soy notes, dark fruits, plums currants, crushed herbs, Bright and fresh yet very intense and slightly warm, incredibly intense, very powerful and broad, dense and oppressive tannins, slightly cooked fruit, very hot vintage, wild and untamed. Some toasted caramel notes, slightly overwhelmed by alcohol.

Softer more opulent rich nose, sweeter fruit, more chocolate and nut aromas, more generous and broad red and black fruits, some sweet olive characters. Lighter and tighter than the 2006, less overt fruit, slightly cleaner. Alcohol still prominent but better contained, still plenty of freshness and life to it, better focus and slightly softer tannins, great structure but still very intense and powerful.

Closed and young, too short a time in bottle, more subtle fruits, better integration, more complexity than previous vintages, interesting savoury spice notes. Lighter still, better acids, wonderfully balanced and full, very integrated and complete, perfect structure and expression, completely fills the mouth and has sensational length. Actually drinkable, hard to believe, intense of course but an amazing expression, perfectly capturing the terroir and personality.

Three vintages of Pintia

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