Dominio de Pingus – 19/06/2012

Flor de Pingus 2010
Dark intense fruits, quite an amazing amount of savoury notes for such a vibrant flotal nose. Juicy ripe red and black fruits, very slightly spicy, very intense concentration, bold and full in the mid-palate, dense firm yet fresh and bright tannins. Finesse yet power, needs a few years in bottle to soften and open up. Tense and tightly coiled. Not too oaky, nor too hot and jammy.

Pingus 2010
Darker more concentrated colour, very intense and bright in purple vermillion. Toasted roasted ripe and raisined, dense impenetrable dark fruits, sweet savoury molasses notes, black sweet spices, some sweet balsamic reduction notes. One of the most concentrated wines I have tasted on my trip, not heavy exactly, but incredibly tannic, fruit powerful, hot and powerful. Warm climate and 2-3 tonnes per hectare make this an intense experience. Born this way, not made this way. Some very slight citrus notes on the back, still retaining some freshness of acids. I appreciate the concentration, but I don’t like it.

The 2009 Pingus, what’s left of it anyway

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