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Weingut Kuenstler – 8/02/2012

Finesse Trocken Riesling 2011
Such an approachable and versatile wine with a little residual sugar to offset the acids.

Hochheim Holle Riesling 2010
Very concentrated and exuberant.

Hochheim Holle Riesling 2009
More approachable now.

Hochheim Holle Riesling 2008
Tasted younger than the 2009.

Kosteim Weiss Erd Riesling 2009
A ripe tropical pineapple element to it, richer and fuller on the palate but still fresh.

Hochheim Kirchenstuck Riesling 2009
A sherbety juby character, and was more in the peach and mango spectrum of fruit. I actually found this was the best of the three single-vineyard wines I tried.

Hochheim Holle Auslese and Beerenauslese Riesling
Both had the same faint beeswax aroma I had seen before, but were both exceptionally concentrated without being overly cloying. These are wines of distinction, but also wines that require time in the bottle.

Weingut Kuenstler wines

Weingut Kuenstler wines

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Weathering the storm (Rheingau, Germany – Day Two)

The previous evening it snowed in the Rheingau, so in the morning I got to see parts of the region under a beautiful blanket of white. It is amazing when you consider not only how small the Rheingau region is, but also how close you are to several other regions. For fun I put some of the other wineries I plan on visiting in other regions when I was in Rudesheim on the previous day. Amazingly, a winery in the Pfalz which is virtually two regions away, was still less than an hours drive. It really shows how such a small area can have such a big difference on a wine, particularly if it is made from the same variety. The Rheingau sits on the northern bank of the Rhine, the Nahe region on the eastern side of the Nahe River, and the Rheinhessen sits on the western side of the Nahe between the Rhine.

Commemoration statue at Schloss Johannisberg

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