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Serge Dagueneau – 29/11/2012

Chasellas 2011 (Pouilly-sur-Loire)
Less of the play-doh, seeing more minerality, slightly on the talcy side, very mineralic but nice fruit too. Full and ripe, offers more on the palate and in the fruit, minerality disappears a little, but actually offers something. Perhaps vine age? Later harvesting? Still quite dry and a little green.

Tradition 2011
Lovely and vibrant fruit, excellent concentration, excellent balance of the green elements, lovely and enticing but also approachable on the nose. Juicy bright clean balanced, excellent fruit harmony but also plenty of citrus and orchard fruit. Good length and extension, clean herbaceous finish.

Clos des Chadoux 2010
Much smokier and crushed floral concentration, on the talcy side of mineralisation, very intense but bvery subdued fruit, will take a little longer to express. Riper richer but also lighter, very complex, some late salty savoury elements to it, will get more interesting as it ages. An exceptional wine, very high quality.

La Leontine 2009
Slightly darker in colour, more intensity but still very bright. A little more density but showing much more oak characters compared to the other wines. Oak very prominent in youth but very well balanced, adding complexity that will age well. Round and dense, good on the mid-palate, fruit yet to express.

Les Filles 2010 (vin non filtre)
Really intense and dark, more in the masculine side. Deeper more earthy and rich, less brightness of fruit, quite closed for the time-being, needs a little more to express. Looking warm and too textured for now, needs to develop.

Serge Dagueneau

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