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Sam Miranda – 5/04/2013

Clean crisp apple and lime, bright and fresh, just the right amount of fruit vibrancy, quite dry.

Pinot Grigio 2012
Quite shy on the nose, barely there. Thin and watery, doesn’t offer much at all in flavour nor texture.

Pinot Grigio Arneis 2011
A tad sweaty and funky but generally somewhat flat. Dull on the palate but quite easy drinking. Again doesn’t offer much.

Arneis 2012
Presenting a tad more character on the nose, some nice crisp stone fruit citrus.

Mothers Little Helper Rosata 2012 (pinot grigio sangiovese)
Cheerful easy drinking wine, nothing more.

Barbera Shiraz 2010
Dark soft mellow nose, straight light and clean, good purity but generally pretty nondescript.

Sangiovese Shiraz 2010
Quaffing wine. Not a lot more than that.

TNT Tempranillo Nebbiolo Tannat 2010
Sold yet soft and savoury. Serviceable. Food wine.

Moscato 2012
Nice clean and classic. Good acids, nice balance, but just sweet enough.

Sam Miranda Prosecco

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