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Straddling the Loire (Vouvray, France – Day One)

Closer to Tours to the north-east sits Vouvray, the Loire Valley’s second or third most famous appelations and one of the great white wine regions in the world. Until recently no-one could claim that they were doing more for the chenin blanc variety than Vouvray, but some upstarts down in South Africa are now establishing a reputation with this misunderstood variety. To be labelled as Vouvray AOC you can only make white wine from 100% chenin blanc, but similar to Alsace they make wines of differing levels of sweetness as well as producing some excellent sparkling wine. The vineyards of Vouvray sit on a plateau about 50m above the village of the same name which lies on the banks of the Loire River. On the opposite side of the bank sits Montlouis-sur-Loire, which is actually between the Loire and River on a headland. Montlouis is also 100% chenin blanc and the wines are arguably as good, but they aren’t as famous as their neighbours across the river. I spent my first day in this part of the region on either side of the bank coming to terms with a variety that isn’t particularly fashionable in Melbourne, but is more widely planted further west.
Did I mention how cold it has gotten?

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Francois Chidaine – 22/11/2012

Montlouis sur Loire Brut
Nice autolysis notes, some brioche and biscuit, a little floury as well, slightly mineralic and with some nice citrus. Nice clean bright citrus fruit, balanced clean, a more recognisable style of sparkling wine. Some nice green citric undertones, nice balanced autolysis on the palate.

Clos du Brueil Montlouis sur Loire 2011 Sec
Lovely vibrant floral honey wax, quite citric but also very mineralic flint elements, some limestone clay elements as well. Clean balanced, lovely purity ad minerality on the palate, a lot on the front and mid-palate but fades on the palate.

Les Argyle Vouvray 2011 Sec
Even more purity and consistency of fruit on the palate, bright white floral elements, less minerality but more juiciness. Balanced, more mid-palate and carry-through on the back of the palate, broader and fuller texture. Somehow more approachable.

Les Bournais Montlouis sur Loire 2007
Very powerful aromatics, bold ripe fruit character, honeyed floral some very subtle caramel notes. Full yet not heavy, ripe and rich but still good acids, powerful expression but also subtle and complex. The complexity will develop more over time.

Les Choisilles Montlouis dur Loire 2007
Somehow darker fruit notes, more honey less floral, slightly earthy minerality, some nice mature cheese notes. Rounder softer and less expressive in the mid-palate, less fruit as well. A little closed at the moment, but more potential for cellaring.

Les Bournais Montlouis sur Loire 2009
Showing barrel notes in its youth, ripe and fruity notes. Powerful and very expressive on the palate, but excellent acidity. Some tropical and citric elements, good texture, balance and weight. Needs some more time to show the more complex elements of the wine.

Les Choisilles Montlouis sur Loire 2009
Less aromatic, definitely in terms of fruit, very mineralic and flinty. Quite powerful expression, less fruit but certainly long on the palate. More closed somehow.

Les Tuffeaux Montlouis sur Loire 2009
Waxy honeyed citrus and peach. Lovely and bright, great fruit and some nice sweetness.

Moelleux Montlouis sur Loire 2009
Showing some barrel notes, very youthful but not so expressive. Full character but quiet at the moment, not showing a lot. Exceptionally long on the palate, showing great potential for ageing.

Les Lys Montlouis sur Loire 2009
Very shy and complex on the nose, but some delicate hints of stone fruit and lychee with delicate truffle aromas. Full and rich on the palate, broad and long with texture and viscosity. Not overly sweet or sticky, excellent acidity to balance.

The Francois Chidaine range of wines

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