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Massa Vecchia – Cerea 2015

Bianco 2012
Honey wattle wax quite herbal. Rich wild textural complex, very fresh but some late tannin.

Rosato 2012
Dirty earthy, a little reductive, closed. Very good on the palate though, fresh mealy meaty bright dark red fruits.

Berace 2012
Stinky wild red red red. Sweet core of dark fruits, currants, dusty cocoa, but wild funk on the back very subtle.

La Querciola 2010
Much more funkified, but still precise fresh fruits, pretty deep. Sweet texture in the front, warmer more intense tannins, some salty chocolate notes.

La Querciola 2011
More closed earthiness, much more intense dense tannins, coating the mouth, prominent.

Passito 2012
Really serious raisining, very intense but exceedingly fresh on the palate, sweetness late but very subtle and integrated. Not as concentrated as I expected.

Francesca Sfrondrini from Massa Vecchia

Francesca Sfrondrini from Massa Vecchia


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Massa Vecchia – 7/06/2014

Bianco 2011
Honey herbal volatility. Exceedingly fresh, complex, just a bit of dirtiness on the back. Classic skin contact style, wild salty texture.

Rosato 2010
Very dark for a rosé. Unbelievably complete, complex and long, dark fruits, spice herbs. Unbelievably perfect and yet haunting.

La Querciola 2010
Dark earthy, seeing some volatility. Very very complex, intense dark earthy, very intense tannins.


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