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Like a rolling stone (Priorat, Spain – Day Two)

Spending eight weeks travelling through Italy visiting wineries can be pretty challenging. As if it isn’t difficult enough that outside of the cities and towns there are no street names – and in many cases addresses are simply designated as an area which includes a great many roads – there is little to no directional signage. Add to this the poor quality of the maps on my navigation software, and you get a situation where I was rarely early to an appointment, and in one case couldn’t find the winery at all. After the first few days in Spain I am concerned that this will be the case again. Some countries do wine tourism a little better (Australia, USA, France), some less so (Argentina, Germany), and some have almost none at all (Chile, Italy). The good countries have directional signage towards a region, and then within the region they have directional signage to every winery that welcomes visitors. Some regions are more advanced than others, and include such information as distances, but at a minimum they have signs at every major turn. It goes without saying that at the wineries they have signs indicating that ‘yes, the winery is here and we are open for business’. This is less common in Europe, perhaps as they are considered a little flashy, but they are in fact a necessity. The issues of addresses seem similar in Spain to that of Italy and thus knowing and providing GPS coordinates is almost the only recourse to avoid potential visitors getting lost. To any winery I am visiting for the rest of my trip who may be reading this, I urge you to send me the GPS details so that I am not late and we can make the most of our time together.

High above Priorat

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Mas Martinet – 5/06/2012

Martinet Bru 2008 (grenache, syrah 80%, cabernet, carignan)
Distinctive nose, quite floral mineral earthy flinty. Bright intense fresh wonderfully balanced, vibrant red fruits, good acidity and generosity. Approachable juicy slight savoury elements. Great character but still easy to drink.

Martinet Bru 2009
Darker more intense colour. Deeper earthier darker fruits, less bright vibrant florals. Mouth filling, denser heavier tannins, rounder and bolder, more forward but good extension on the palate. Juicier yet more savoury brooding fruit, again excellent balance.

Els Escurcons (Blackadder) 2008 (100% grenache)
Talcy chalky floral vegetative cola spritz. Dense wonderful elegant soft texture, really voluptuous and forgiving yet savoury stalky slight menthol notes. Bold full fruity and intense, yet balanced integrated and approachable with exquisite character.

Cami Pesseroles 2008 (70% grenache because of the vintage)
Again an interesting cola aroma, with some ginger. Natural spritz and freshness on the nose, great red fruit notes. Wonderfully intense deep and structured, bold tannin and some very late sweetness. Density of fruit and sweetess, velvety oily texture, you would almost think there were some white blended.

Clos Martinet 2008 (grenache & carignan 65%, remainder syrah, cabernet sauvignon & merlot)
Much more closed aromatically, but still very bold on the palate. Extremely intense complex mature earthy assured and contemplative. Gentle yet amazingly structured, dense yet soft and round, persistent, what amazing ageing potential. Absolute wine of the tasting.

Els Escursons 2009
Not expressive, needs a few months to open up. Juicy black fruits, thick hardy skins, sweet berries, denseness and power, expressive and forward on the palate. Big yet not heavy or extractive, balanced but pretty fruity at the moment.

Cains Pesseroles 2009 (60% carignan)
Density of earth and dark floral aromatics, very closed and intense dark fruits, salty liquorice. Better integration, older vines add maturity and elegance to the wine, powerful yet fine structure, tannins very forward on the palate, great potential for ageing.

Clos Martinet 2009
Interesting darkness, almost like a black hole. Amazing life and brightness to it, very intense sweet black fruits. A little volatile now, but after a few months will be perfect. Perfect terroir wine, nothing intervenes. I like that they are so exuberant in fruit whilst young, but you want to wait for them to develop in the bottle. Perfectly balanced and structured, a very delicate hand in the making of this wine.

Barrels in the cellar of Mas Martinet

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