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Manincor – 21/03/2012

Eichhorn Pinot Bianco 2010
Deep but delicately youthful and closed, with balanced texture and concentrated harmony.

Sophie Chardonnay 2010
Very contained leesy citrus nose, showing lemon curd and peach skin characters, retaining some crispness with the oak and lees texture influence.

Di Lieben Eich Sauvignon 2010
Bright mineral notes reminiscent of chablis, purity and elegance with texture and restraint to boot.

Mason Pinot Nero 2009
Very delicate, almost too quiet on the nose, with fresh acids and light tannins and fruit.

Mason di Mason Pinot Nero 2009
By comparison had a much stalkier and earthier concentration on the nose, showing at the same time ruby-red cherry and mineral notes, with more ageing potential.

Cassiano 2009
Equal blend of syrah, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, petit verdot and tempranillo. Full yet bright, soft and mellow yet tannic and warm, dense but not heavy or alcoholic, it had great focus and complexity and will age wonderfully.

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The sun’ll come out, tomorrow (Alto Adige, Italy – Day Three)

Thanks to the generosity of Franz Haas who put me up for the night in Ora, I didn’t have as far to travel both to and from my accommodation. Sleeping in a bit was blessed relief, as was the necessity to spend so much time in the car. Whilst it is nice to have a private room, a large bed, my own bathroom and general peace and quiet, it does get very lonely of an evening. It’s bad enough that I spend so much time in the car by myself, particularly on those long drives between regions. Travelling in Europe so far has been more difficult, as when I have been able to find hostels to stay at in the regions, they have been either empty, full of families/school groups, or the young people staying there are working or studying and not interested in socialising. The weekend I had in Vienna was fantastic, and staying with friends in Paris and Dusseldorf were great. This is one of the reasons I am so glad to be in Italy, because people seem so much more generous and hospitable and I am looking forward to sharing great times and meeting people here over the next eight weeks.

Protected viticulture in Terlan

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