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Klinec – Cerea 2015

Gardelin (Pinot Grigio) 2011
A bit light on, plenty fresh though.

Jakot 2011
Quite sulphurous on the nose, brooding earthy intensity. A bit young.

Malvazija 2011
Bright herbal almost gherkin nose, sweet and sour saltiness.

Rebula 2011
Creamy cheesy leesy nose, meaty toasty texture, very serious but seriously fresh. Fantastic wine.

Medana I. Classe Ortodox 2006
Very subtle wheaty biscuity toast notes, quite intense but not bold or aggressive, very complete.

Quela 2010
Very fresh and vibrant, not what I’d expect from a Bordeaux blend from this vintage. Still plenty of tannin but delicate in nature.

Medana I. Classe Mōra 2009
A touch broad on the nose and developed in a barrel way. Very intense and full on the palate, plenty of freshness but intense tannins.

Klinec Medana I. Classe Ortodox 2006

Klinec Medana I. Classe Ortodox 2006

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