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The White Stuff (Rueda, Spain)

Not too long ago, there was a region to the south-west of the Ribera del Duero that produced a wine very similar to that of Jerez. Just like their colleagues down south they grew palomino, a very fast ripening high yielding variety that they harvested early with plenty of acidity, and then made wine in the flor based solera system in the sun. That was until the Rioja winery Marques de Riscal came in search of a region to produce white wine, and found some very old indigenous verdejo vines. Seeing the potential for the wines here, they cultivated vines and began to produce crisp fresh white wines that captured the imagination and the palates of Spanish wine drinkers, particularly in warmer weather when full-bodied reds can be a little unforgiving. Soon the region flourished as more producers began producing wine in the region, particularly important people like Telmo Rodriguez, and suddenly Spain had found its new white wine region. The second wave occurred towards the end of the 1990s as some vintners began fermenting and ageing verdejo wines in barrels, and a new style was created.
The soils and stones of Rueda

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Javier Sanz – 22/06/2012

Orden Tercera Verdejo 2011
Vibrant fresh sweaty SB style, passionfruit grapefruit. Clean fresh apples, tight acids, vibrant yet light fruit, good purity and breadth of persistent tropical fruit notes. Simple fresh easy drinking wine, a little funky on the nose.

Villa Narcisa Sauvignon Blanc 2011
Less aromatic than the Vederjo, nice minerality on the nose, fresher cleaner fruit, more closed and focused somehow. Vibrant kiwi and fig elements, slightly green and herbal, nice volume but still very clean and fresh. Some nice fruit sweet volume and viscosity.

Villa Narcisa Verdejo 2011 (50+ year old bush vines)
Closed aromatically, possibly due to age of vines or age of wine. Fuller volume, richer and more generous texture, a little more weight and intensity of fruit sweetness. Depth and concentration, more warmth too. Riper fruit characters, more orchard fruits and tight tropical elements. Bolder and more serious, with great balance and texture, and fantastic length.

V1863 Verdejo Sobre Lias 2011 (Single plot 1863 vineyards)
Creamy delicate honey notes, bright but subtle fruit. Very sneaky wine; looks very light and delicate but builds enormously on the palate as the alcohol and lees come into play. Plenty of complexity, very young at the moment, good texture and generosity of fruit, but slightly reductive now.

Villa Narcisa Fermentado en Barrica Verdejo 2008
More colour development, richer and more golden. Quite strong oak notes dominate everything aromatically, very toasted and caramelised citrus and some herbal elements as well. Very rich and intense, bold fruit and texture, ripe fruit some residual sugar, tropical and dried apricot notes, quite intense.

Rey Santos Semidulce 2011
Showing the same sweaty aromatic notes of verdejo. Nice and rich and viscous, quite sweet and fruit vibrant. Plenty of acids, but the sweatiness of the variety takes something away. Am I being too hard on the variety? Nice approachability, generous flavours and intensity, still very clean and adaptable with food.

Some of the Javier Sanz range. Check the prices.

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