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Finca Flichman – 14/12/2011

Misterio Malbec 2011
Very soft and oaky yet quiet. Plum and pomegranate, juicy tight soft tannins with hints of savoury meat.

Caballero de la Cepa Malbec 2011
Toasty burnt ochre, spiced plum and cranberries. Soft and mellow, juicy plumpness, freshness and brightness.

Gestos Malbec 2011
More perfumed but darker brooding chocolate notes. Sweet oak tannins, generous full fruit but still fresh.

Expressiones Reserva 2009
Earthy dusty dark fruit, juicy blackcurrant. Good texture and weight, some interesting complexity from oak and the cabernet fruit, full but not too heavy, malbec softens tannins.

Paisaje de Barrancas 2008
Purple and intense, dirty dusty earthy old vine style. Intensity of fruit, tannins bold but not oppressive, very clean precise and balanced lines, depth without complexity.

Tupungato 2009
Chalkier dustier floral aromas. Very soft smooth and voluptuous tannins, layers of velvety fruit, not as hot or dense as previous wines.

Finca Flichman tasting

Finca Flichman tasting

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Welcome relief (Mendoza, Argentina – Day One)

With absolutely no disrespect at all intended to Chile or any of the wonderful people I met whilst there, it was such a relief to be leaving considering all of the issues with getting around and making it to wineries on time. When I dropped off the rental car I tried to explain the complications with the GPS, but was met with general indifference. I was a little frustrated at the lack of WiFi in the terminal, as I could have got a bit of work done whilst I waited for my flight, which was late. Once we were up in the air though, none of it mattered; I was on my way to Mendoza and I got to enjoy views like this (albeit for only 25 minutes!)

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