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Fattoria Zerbina – 30/03/2012

AS Albana di Romagna DOCG 2010
Made from the indigenous Albana grape. Had crisp fresh citrus notes with some floral aromas, was very clean and bright with good fruit and acid, and was an uncomplicated and unadulterated white wine.

Pietramora Sangiovese Riserva 2008
Darker fruit notes combined with earth and floral elements, was more intense and firm on the tannins, and had some fruit sweetness in its youth.

Pietramora Sangiovese Riserva 2007
Closed but showed riper fuller yet softer characters than the 2008.

Pietramora Sangiovese Riserva 2006
The most intense and integrated, with the prominent oak and earth characters of youth softer and more complex.

Marzieno 2007
A blend of 75% sangiovese, and 25% cabernet, merlot and syrah, combined blackcurrant and crushed flowers & herbs, but in its youth is overwhelmed by oak and very dense grippy tannins.

Scacco Matto Albana 2007
Had floral, vegetal celery, eucalyptus, dried herbs, potato and even a subtle chlorine element.

Fibreglass tanks at Fattoria Zerbina no longer used

Fibreglass tanks at Fattoria Zerbina no longer used

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Provincial life (Romagna, Italy)

You would think that after Vinitaly things would slow down, and producers would get an opportunity to recover. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, as often they are hosting guests around the timing of the fair, and also getting started on all the business they made (or missed) for the week. I myself gave myself half a day to recover and also get some emails out to producers I had met, before heading south of Veneto through Emilia-Romagna. The region itself is very large, and almost stretches from one coast to the other. It is generally separated into two areas; Emilia which is very flat and hot, and where Lambrusco comes from; and Romagna, closer to the coast and also more mountainous, known for the quality of its sangiovese wines. It is a shame that the region is not better regarded next to its neighbour Tuscany, but the region wasn’t as rich historically and has only been focussing on quality for the past 20-30 years. Not a lot of the wine is exported, but that is changing as quality is improving and there is better understanding about the wines produced from this particular part of Italy.

It’s always nice to have some company in the vineyards

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