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Where’s the beef?

Being an Australian wine traveller gets you in a lot of doors around the world. For one thing Australians have been loved as travellers a long time as they tend to be open-minded, fun, aware and generally up for a good time. I’m concerned that this positive image is starting to lose its sheen but that’s another topic. As one of the world’s major producers and the largest exporter outside of Europe you would struggle to find anyone in the global wine industry that isn’t aware that Australia makes wine.

In fact most are aware of the meteoric rise of Australian wine in the ’90s in Europe and North America thanks to the strong marketing and communications of varietal labelling. Not to mention the major strides made in large-scale commercial production reducing costs whilst making clean fruit-driven wines. Australia became the number one country imported into the United Kingdom and in many cases second only to Italy or France. It’s brands seemed indestructible.

Wine Australia uses its most familiar symbol

Wine Australia uses its most familiar symbol

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