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Domaine de Triennes – 18/05/2012

Domaine de Triennes Rosé 2011
Blend of mostly cinsault and Grenache, with a little merlot and syrah to lend some colour. Classic Provence pale colour, aromatically expressing floral spicy strawberry and banana freshness, and on the palate was clean and fruity with some very focused acids and a little residual sugar fruit sweetness.

Les Aureliens Blanc 2010
chardonnay-rolles blend. On the nose has some battonage derived lees characters, combining with orchard fruit and citrus blossom notes. On the palate the wine has texture, integrity and freshness, without obvious fruit, some apricot kernel and biscuity savoury notes.

Sainte Fleur Viognier 2009
Aromatically spicy and herbal on the nose, expressing very subtle fruit, and on the palate had drive and warmth, with good mouth-filling fruit and viscosity.

Sainte Fleur Viognier 2010
More complex salty minerality and shellfish characters, more subtle fruit with some honey, and at the moment was very quiet.

Les Aureliens Rouge 2009
A blend of cabernet sauvignon and syrah, quite dominant in the cabernet elements, showing earthy dusty cassis and very toasty tannins on the palate.

Sainte Auguste 2008
Introduces merlot to the blend, and this wine showed more of the syrah notes, as it was more plummy and juicy, with more pepper and spice elements.

Sainte Auguste 2007
Much jammier and broader than the 2008, expressing plenty of power and weight with good drive and intensity.

Domaine de Triennes vineyard

Domaine de Triennes vineyard

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One region? I think not (Provence, France – Day Two)

Provence is yet another of those regions that is often thought of in one general way and also associated with a particular type of wine; rosé. Like so many other regions it is impossible to think of this region as one thing, because it is not only very large (one of the largest in France), but extremely diverse in terms of micro-climates, soil types, aspects and altitudes. Wine styles can differ, as can philosophies about the making of the wine. Many of the vineyards of Provence are individual growers who are part of a cooperative, which at the moment is churning out very simple, thin and watery rosé which is fuelling a very large global market for refreshing aperitif wine that can be served very cold, sometimes with an ice-cube. Whilst this type of wine may be reflective of the market in general, and a reflection of the warm weather enjoyed in this part of Europe, it is not necessarily reflective of the many parts of Provence. From the coast to the forest-covered mountains, Provence has the potential to produce a great range of wines, from as many different varieties. A number of smaller producers are committed to this, and several appelations have sprung up in the last 50 years, two of which I visited today to learn more.

Gnarly vines at Domaine de Triennes

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