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Cantele – 4/05/2012

Verdeca 2011
To begin with very vibrant and fresh, with tropical kiwi and passion fruit aromas, and on the palate was very light and slightly green. I felt that the variety was reflective of the region and winery, but had more to offer and could be developed with more ripeness and texture.

IGT Chardonnay 2011
A very light, clean and precise example of the variety, but offered very little interest and to me didn’t have a long enough ripening period.

Teresa Manara Chardonnay 2010
Had similar fruit characteristics to the 2011, but with the inclusion of malolactic and oak manipulation simply added complication rather than complexity.

Negroamaro Rosato 2011
A rosy fruit sweet blackcurrant nose, with some lovely fresh strawberry acids and cherry R/S texture.

Negroamaro Salento IGT 2010
Spicy and peppery, with blackberry and floral notes, generous soft and full tannins, consistency and restraint.

Primitivo 2009
Showed deeper more brooding black fruits, denser expression of tannin and earthiness.

Teresa Manara Negroamaro 2009
Quite subtle and soft, with toasty blackcurrant fruits, powerful and intense but very complex.

Amativo 2009
A blend of 60% primitivo and 40% negroamaro, and was very intense on the nose, showing floral dark fruits with sweeter chocolate and liquorice notes, broad and full yet supple, approachable and focused.

The nerve-centre of the Cantele winery

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The new wave (Puglia, Italy – Day Three)

Probably the most exciting thing to discover about Italy is the new movement sweeping the wine industry. Wine production in every region has well and truly moved into the 21st century of wine production in various ways. The wine industry has well and truly moved out of the past, where there were many growers and vineyards mostly providing their high yield fruit to cooperatives to produce high volume simple wines to mass markets. Hygiene and technology have been well established in the vast majority of wineries to produce clean, stable and wines that are approachable and pleasant to a much wider range of tastes and markets. Taking inspiration from the French influence on the rest of the world, Italian growers have a much better understanding of their terroir than ever before. More importantly they now know much more about how their indigenous cultivars perform in their environments and sites, and how new practices in the vineyard can improve the quality of these unique varieties. The new wave is about making terroir wines that are made from one or more varieties that are the best reflection of their origin. We are in a golden age of Italian wine, and now is the best time to get involved with them as a consumer because as the quality continues to improve and the demand around the world increases, the prices won’t always be this affordable. The final two producers I visited in Puglia are part of this new wave movement, working very closely with growers in the region to provide them with the best fruit possible to make their wines in a modern yet respectful and traditional way.

Basilicata di Santa Croche

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