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What’s the deal? (Rioja, Spain – Day Three)

Despite the fact that the Rioja region only runs for about 130 km, it is an unbelievably diverse region geologically and climatically, not to mention the fat that it actually crosses three political regions of La Rioja, Basque and Navarra. The region follows the Ebra River and which sits between the Cantabrian Mountains to the northeast and another range to the South-West, and has a wide valley ideal for the cultivation of a range of agricultural products. The climate is quite interesting, as it is a combination of Atlantic, Mediterranean and Continental. They are protected from rain coming from the north so it is very dry, and as they have cool air sucked up the valley from the Mediterranean so it is relatively cool at night. The micro-climate depends on a number of factors, including elevation, aspect and soil, the latter of which varying significantly from alluvial, to calcareous, to clay, limestone and chalk. The fact that most wine in Rioja is blended from a great range of these individual terroirs means that you are losing a lot of the nuances, but luckily there are estates like the three I visited today who are focusing on village and single vineyard wines in the future.

Rioja Alavesa as depicted by an artist that lived at Remelluri

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Bodegas Remelluri – 13/06/2012

Lindes de Remelluri 2008

Bright fresh ruby notes, very delicate ripe tomatoes and balsamic notes. Soft juicy fresh but focused, full flavoured approachable, firm tannins, extension and focus. Great wine from a great vintage.

Remelluri Reserva 2008

Dense bright red fruits, soft velvety tannins, very opulent. Freshness but very subtle earthy mineral notes. Wonderful concentration, superb ageing potential.

Remelluri Reserva 2007

Darker softer fuller, more blackcurrant richer creamier sweet fruits and tannins, bold fruit intensity, broader and fuller on the palate, quite intense but a gentle structure.

Barriques in the cellars of Bodegas Remelluri

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