Let’s Taste – Tahbilk Red Wines February 2017

There is a soft spot in my vinous heart for Tahbilk, due in some part for the historical significance of the winery, and also the fact that CEO and owner Alister Purbrick was a guest on The Vincast wine podcast. The lovely team at Fireworks PR sent me some samples to taste, and these are my impressions. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Wines tasted;
Tahbilk Grenache Shiraz Mouvedre 2015 – RRP $25.70
Tahbilk Shiraz 2014 – RRP $25.70
Tahbilk Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 – RRP $25.70
Website – http://tahbilk.com.au


February 25, 2017 · 6:47 pm

2 responses to “Let’s Taste – Tahbilk Red Wines February 2017

  1. Ron Casey

    Could I suggest you decant thw wines before commenting. Particularly the Tahbilk Cabernet as it is young and needs time to open up.


    • Hi Ron, thanks so much for watching and for commenting, great to hear some feedback. I really like your suggestion and agree that some young reds can benefit from a decant, but I try to have a level playing field for all the wines I taste by opening them fresh on camera. I also try to replicate the experience of wine that the vast majority of wine drinkers would have, and most people don’t decant a wine. Hope you keep watching and feel free to make any other comments on my site, I’d love to hear from you again!


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