Let’s Taste – Clonakilla Riesling 2004

For a long time the Intrepid Cellar was made up mostly of wines sourced from trawling the Langtons auctions. Back in those days I was educating my palate on classic Australian wines, and preferably ones with some age. One style I was particularly interested in was aged riesling. Clonakilla is a producer from the Canberra District of New South Wales famous for its Shiraz Viognier, but it was the more accessible Riesling I was interested in when I bought it. Here are my impressions of the 2004 vintage from my cellar, with some help from Milly our dog. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to like share and subscribe if you enjoyed the video!


December 20, 2016 · 6:58 pm

2 responses to “Let’s Taste – Clonakilla Riesling 2004

  1. Paul Graham

    Hi James (and Milly),

    Having lived in Canberra for the last 5 years I must clarify that behind Shiraz (and Shiraz Viognier), Canberra is probably best known for it’s Riesling.

    Also, Clonakilla are still making their Riesling. I’d suggest getting your hands on some! 🙂


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    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks so much for watching and commenting, (hi from Milly as well). I guess what I mean in my review is that there are more famous regions in Australia for riesling, like the Clare and Eden Valleys, not to suggest that Canberra District is not known for it.
      As far as Clonakilla, they are definitely most famous for their Shiraz Viognier, and I’m aware that they still make the Riesling, hence why I listed the current vintage RRP in my video. I’ll see if I can track some Clonakilla and other CD wines down to taste on the channel! Have a lovely Christmas and New Year, thanks again for the visit!


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