Intrepid Winemaking 2016 Part Three – Pressing

Part three of The Sangiovese Project is all about pressing the two bins and transferring them into their vessels. If you haven’t already seen part one and two, I recommend watching them before this video.

Bin X of the Heathcote Sangiovese that was foot-stomped and plunged daily, took about 10 days to finish its fermentation on skins. The skins were quite broken down and plenty of colour had been leached into the wine. The original 500kg of grapes fit into one basket press, and produced just over 300 litres of wine. It settled in a tank for two nights then was transferred into a seven-year-old hogshead (300L) barrel for its elevage.

Bin Y was left as whole berries after de-stemming. It went through a mostly carbonic maceration, and was not handled until pressing. Any juice in the bin was fully fermented, but there was still a lot of juice inside intact berries that was not fermented yet. Pressing included two top ups of the press, as the berries took up much more space. The wine was darker and fruitier. It was transferred into a 300L stainless-steel tank and a 34L demijohn to finish fermentation, and it will stay there.

Please note that the memory card was full towards the end of pressing so I missed a bit.

I hope you enjoy this next part of my first winemaking journey, thanks again to Alex for the advice and the help processing the wine. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Bin X Wine Cake

Bin X Wine Cake


April 16, 2016 · 10:50 am

5 responses to “Intrepid Winemaking 2016 Part Three – Pressing

  1. Paul Graham


    How long do you intend on leaving the wine in barrel and tank before bottling? And will this be part 4?



    • Hi Paul, I’ve been tasting the wines regularly. The wine in barrel is well and truly finished malolactic ferment, and is looking bright but also soft. The wine in tank had to finish alcoholic ferment there, and started malo later, which it is yet to finish. I’m planning on bottling in the first two weeks of November, looking to release next year. Part four is possibly going to be about the barrel/tank ageing and racking of the wine, with part five as the bottling. Thanks for your interest, cheers!


  2. Peta

    Thanks james, im really enjoying your page


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