Let’s Taste – Avani Syrah 2014

I was very blessed to have Shashi Singh from Avani on the Mornington Peninsula on my podcast The Vincast (episode available Friday November 13th), and she was very generous in giving me a bottle of her unreleased 2014 Syrah to taste. I couldn’t wait and opened it that evening. Have you tried the Avani Syrah before? What have been your impressions? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to the IntrepidWino channel.

Avant Syrah 2014

Avant Syrah 2014


November 11, 2015 · 4:59 pm

2 responses to “Let’s Taste – Avani Syrah 2014

  1. Ravi

    I have tasted Avani Syra 2009 it was fantastic.


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