Si Vintners – 19/5/2015

Tasted with Iwo Jankovicz in the Si Vintners winery in Margaret River.

Lello 2014
Oily herbal quince, floral mineral. Sherbety fresh open expression juicy and nice texture acidity.

Babayaga 2015 (98% skin contact sauvignon blanc, 2% whole bunch cabernet)
Has that same juicy profile as the Lello, just a totally different profile of fruit.

2015 Halcyon Chardonnay
Slightly closed toastiness, salty caramel coriander hazelnuts. Protecting itself for now, interesting bite, dense yet fresh fruits, cumquats.

Sin Syrah 2015
Juicy closed dark fruit chocolate. Very juicy soft but full flavours, hits of pepper, soft dark fruits, bit of bitter chocolate. Super yummy booze.

Sin Syrah 2014
Spicy white pepper violets and gherkin. Really nice bite had brightness, sweet and sour notes, very Szechuan nature.

Halcyon Pinot Noir 2014
Pretty dark fruits, juicy and fresh, good drinking, very friendly.

Halcyon Cabernet 2012
Possibly the best MR cabernet I’ve tasted.

Iwo Jakimowicz at Si Vintners in the Margaret River

Iwo Jakimowicz at Si Vintners in the Margaret River

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