Piedmont Tasting – Boccaccio Cellars (14/12/2014)

The new Boccaccio Cellars store has opened and they’ve already started to have regular – and amazing – tastings each week. This past Sunday I popped in to taste some wines from the Alba area of Italy, here are my notes on them.

Photo courtesy of Paul Kaan, AKA Filthy Good Vino (http://filthygoodvino.com/filthy-good-vino/)

Photo courtesy of Paul Kaan, AKA Filthy Good Vino (http://filthygoodvino.com/filthy-good-vino/)

Piero Benevelli Langhe Rosso #3 2013
Exceptionally crunchy tight intense acid/tannin structure, quite biting in its youth, nice peppery stemmy aromatics.

Sobrero Barbera d’Alba Selectio 2012
Pretty stinky and reductive, on the bretty side(?), not bad on the palate though, still bright and fresh, almost sour jubes on the back.

Sobrero Langhe Nebbiolo 2012
Much prettier but in a leathery earthy way. Fresh bright crunchy raspberry cherry fruits, volumous and warm, tight needing time to open up.

Benevelli Langhe Nebbiolo 2013
Leafier youth, earthy roses, quite classic. Juicy soft on the mid, fresh and bright tightness of tannins on the back, quite generous with good weight and length.

Benevelli Ravera Barbera d’Alba 2012
Juicy spur plums, dried blackberries and violets. Very lean and lacking depth, finishes a bit short, sound fruit but missing something.

Benevelli Ravera Monforte Barolo 2010
Crushed dried raspberry, maraschino cherry, very subtle integrated tar. Sweet round tannins, nice acids, quite juicy but a good kick on the back. Quite a pretty expression.

Vajra Albe Barolo 2010
Fresh juicy, more like a nebbiolo than a Barolo. Lacks a bit of intensity and depth, particularly considering the vintage.

Sobrero Ciabot Tanasio Barolo 2010
Quite closed, not really expressing that much on the nose. Quite light and lithe but peacocking on the palate. Tannin really kicks on the back, heaps of potential for ageing, quite exceptional.

Vajra Bricco della Viole Barolo 2010
Very subtle, elusive floral aromatics. Supple on the palate, fresh and focused, nice and long, very accessible in nature. Great wine, not sure if it’s got the longevity though.

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