Ca’ de Noci – 9/06/2014

De Fratelli 2010
Beeswax citrus herbs, lively on the palate, wild dry savoury and open. Beeswax comes late on the palate, vibrant and fresh, absolutely outstanding.

Querciole 2013
Clean bright colour, more fruit on the nose, less skin contact character. More fruit sweetness but also more volatility.

Nottediluna 2012
Very much in the cider realm, gorgeous fresh and complex, vibrant aromatic, lovely fruit generosity, what a cracker of a wine.

Querciole 2006
Very savoury nutty aroma, darker colour, round soft gentle, savoury nutty and cheesy.

Sottobosco 2013
Quite raw and rustic nose, stinky and funky. Meaty tannins, very dark but nice softness of fruit.

Gheppio 2009
Really wild and complex to the point of being difficult. Somehow delicious and very savoury.

Serafino 2011
Soft generous tannins, bold yet round and long, a fuller more mellow red wine.


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