Chiara Boschis E. Pira & Figli – 4/06/2014

Dolcetto d’Alba 2013
Slightly talky floral pomegranate dark cherry. Very clean fresh and pure, generous yet focused, on the amaro side.

Barbera d’Alba Superiore 2012
Very clean light colour. Fairly shy, showing lean herbal, a tad earthy. Builds a bit on the palate, hints of cocoa leaf and salted caramel, on the violet side.

Langhe Nebbiolo 2012
Still very clean but dark and earthy. Tight lean focused, hints at dark fruit but looks a little stripped.

Barolo Via Nuova 2009
Squeaky, somewhat smothered in oak, deep dark earthy, vanilla tar coffee, extractive chewy tannins.

Barolo Mosconi 2009
Smells eerily similar to the Vigna Nuova, more earthy tarriness of oak, approaching coconut. It’s hard to see the nebbiolo, has the wine changed or have I?

Barolo Cannubi 2010
Much better vintage for the style, sweet balsamic reduction. Better composition and structure, concentrate yet lightness, sweet profile of fruit and some new oak.

Barolo Via Nuova 2010
Subtle tarry leather caramel, florals a bit hidden. More concentrated tighter tannins, chewiness, complicated rather than complex.

Barolo Mosconi 2010
Deeper darker chocolate notes, more pronounced aromatics. Lifted bright intense, fairly vibrant fruit.

Barolo Riserva 1990
Funghi sweet artichokes, very mature cheese. Some mature sweet & sour notes, tomato soy reduction, still lively with good acidity.



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4 responses to “Chiara Boschis E. Pira & Figli – 4/06/2014

  1. Matt Paul

    Proof that wine is totally subjective I guess

    “The 2010 Barolo Via Nuova opens with exquisite inner perfume and sweetness. Crushed rose petals, mint, pine, licorice and sweet red berries all lift out of the glass in a fragrant, aromatically expressive Barolo of the highest level. The 2010 has it all; perfume, fruit, intense, crystalline salinity and bracing, chalky, young Nebbiolo tannins that will help the wine age gracefully for years….Make no mistake about it, the 2010 is very different (in a positive way) from previous years, in fact, it is one of the wines of the vintage”. Antonio Galloni


    • Absolute proof indeed. Also very relative to what you’ve just been drinking, and it’s been a while since I’ve had much Barolo and Barbaresco wine. Found the 2010 wines were outstanding but for my palate and experience, a bit awkward at the moment. I have no doubt that over time the wine will evolve immensely just like the 1990 did. I’m trying to find time to write more in depth about my visit so I can put some context into it Matt, these are my immediate and unedited notes. Appreciate your feedback as always.


  2. chiara boschis

    Wines are alive and in changing…especially when Young! The organic approch I use in agriculture allow the wines express the terroir thay come from. Mosconi 2009 for example is a fantastic wine full of body and personality, the soil of this Vineyard gives wines like that.
    I was also surprise when vinify (as is my first vintage of this Cru) since I did not expect such a strong character
    I tasted many Mosconi Barolos and I tell you that this area give some of the most complex expressions of the entire area!
    Buy one bottle and store for some years you will see ! Ciao Chiara


    • Ciao Chiara, thank you for visiting and commenting. The wines are better than ever but of course it’s hard to taste them so young if you are not experienced, they are so beautiful after some time in the cellar. I will keep my eyes open for a bottle of 2009 to put away and taste in a few more years.


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