Capovilla – 13/06/2014

Moscato Fior d’Arancio 2006
Very pretty orange blossom bright aromatics. Super smooth elegant soft intense fruits and lifted acidity. Brighter style.

Moscato Rosa 2005
Slightly darker more intense aromatics, spicier herbal notes. Broader in the palate and rounder, denser deeper, more masculine expression.

Mele Cotogne 2010
Super soapy citrus intensity, tight florals. Silky candied characters on the palate. Intense bite yet soft.

Pere Williams 2011
Classic and shows the fruit beautifully, intense and a bit oxidative in nature. Amazingly soft and luscious, rich and long but wonderfully fresh.

Pesche Saturno 2006
Smells like something Japanese (soy, miso, mirin, that brown paste with beans mum makes). Warm rich sweet but also umami, dense warm bold. Fruit character comes very late.

Albicocche 2009
Unmistakable apricot character in a medicinal way, so intense it stings the nostrils. Has a wildness to it, sweet yet dark and intense.

Ciliege Duroni 2006
Smells savoury again, very interesting. Bright tight lean and a bit hot.

Amarene & Marasche 2009
I prefer this one much more, more focused fresher and intense.

Starting to get a bit sloshy…


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