Paterna – 6/06/2014

Il Terraio 2013
Lighter in colour than the 2012, but still the hallmarks of skin-contact. Just a hint of texture, not as concentrated as the 2012, fresher and livelier, slightly more protected, nice concentration of fruit and herb, will come together beautifully in a few months.

Chianti Colli Aretini 2012
Lovely density earthiness but bright with some dark bloody fruits. Super fresh and tight, just enough softness but a saltiness to the acidity making it ideal with food. Surprisingly long…

Pugni Rosso 2011
Pugnitello is a variety specific to the area of Tuscany between Arezzo and Siena, but was largely abandoned because of it’s low production. Pugnio means fist, so Pugnitello means small fist. 7-8 farms in Tuscany grow the variety after it was rediscovered by the University of Florence. The wine is 80% Pugnitello, 10% Colorino, 10% Sangiovese. Totally hand-made.
Much darker in colour, plenty of concentrated extraction, pugnitello has large berries with thick skins, on small tight bunches. Historically blended to add colour and intensity. Deep dark fruit aromas with mature herbs and spices. Deep dark concentrated fruits and tannins, but very lively and fresh. A darker and denser expression of the same style as the Chianti, wonderful balance of fruit and savoury notes.

Vignanova 2006
95% Sangiovese, 5% Colorino. 3 years in cask, 4-5 years in bottle. From the oldest and lowest yielding vines.
Mature toastiness and mature tannin notes. Amazing density and concentration, very firm tannins and dark fruit characters, the oak and tannins are just getting to that soft point where they are both firm yet supple. Very aristocratic wine, ultimate expression.


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