Bodega Colome – 21/12/2011

2010 Malbec San Osidro – 1700 m
Different to Mendoza, less plum and more berry fruits, more intense and less floral. Soft yet concentrated, cured meat and cheese texture, great acid fruit balance.

2020 Malbec Colome – 2300 m
Darker more grapey and pruney, richer darker texture, softer yet fuller, acids more integrated, somehow more vibrant.

2010 El Arenal Malbec – 2600 m
Even darker in colour, dustier earthier dark fruits, very elegant subtle nose. Not as intense on the palate, much more complex and generally better than Mendoza.

2010 Syrah Colome – 2200 m
Nice dark fruit but some interesting shell-fish aromas. Different kind of freshness and balance, very different kind of syrah.

Colome wines

Colome wines

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