Weingut Hans Wirsching – 14/02/2012

Silvaner Kabinett Trocken 2011
The highlight, even though it isn’t one of the top wines. It represents exceptional value and shows the quality of the fruit and the skill of the winemaker in achieving such balance in the blend. It has a slight reductive dusty spice due to its youth, but then opens with lovely kiwi and green papaya with hints of green onion.

Silvaner Spatlese Trocken 2010
Richer in volume and weight thanks to the ripeness of the fruit at harvest, but the powerful acids were well-integrated with a nice finish.

Iphofer Julius-Echter-Berg Grosses Gewachs Silvaner 2010
An even richer honeyed lemon grass nose, showing some dried tropical mango, pineapple and guava on the palate.

Tri Terra 2008
One of the unique wines they produce consisting of white burgundy grapes, including chardonnay, weissburgunder (pinot blanc) and grauburgunder (pinot gris). Tasting the 2008 I was surprised to see quite pronounced malolactic oaky notes of lanolin, butter and almond oil, and on the palate it was overworked and flabby. The delicate nature of the acids lends itself to less barrel and malolactic handling, and in my opinion should use a finer-grain light toast older barrel, with almost no malolactic fermentation.

Bottles aging in the cellars of Hans Wirsching

Bottles aging in the cellars of Hans Wirsching

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