Mueller-Catoir – 15/02/2012

Haardt Riesling 2010
A lovely talcy citrus nose, great freshness and intensity.

Gimmeldingen Riesling 2010
A fuller and richer mid-palate grapefruit white berry character.

Musbach Riesling 2009
Presented a steely minerality and more opulent yet sea-salty palate.

Buergergarten Riesling 2010
Had a shy and complex nose, but showed the density and depth of the lower yields and higher ripeness level.

Herrenletten Riesling 2010
In a similar vein, but had a more tropical and floral component on the nose, and richer earthier mid-palate structure, a more powerful expression.

Mandelgarten Riesling 2010
Expressed slight porous rock minerality, and a fossilised salty texture but not flavour.

Breunel in den Mauern Grosses Gewachs Riesling 2010
From the Buergergarten vineyard, was astonishingly complex and elegant, expressing superb consistency of fruit and a unique mineral texture and balance.

Two of the Mueller-Catoir wines

Two of the Mueller-Catoir wines

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