Domaine Leon Beyer – 21/02/2012

Riesling 2010
A very tropical lime aroma reminiscent of a caipirinha on Ipanema beach, and was juicy and concentrated on the palate with a clean finish.

Les Escaillers Riesling 2008
Complex pie crust and caramel honey aromas overlaying the kerosene and lime, and had a toasted hazelnut mid-palate texture.

Comtes d”Eguisheim Riesling 2007
More nougat and orange blossom aromas, was more voluptuous and rich on the palate, but was developing quickly due to the sample bottle being a half-bottle.

“R de Beyer” Riesling 2004
Some rich ripe passion fruit and minerality on the nose, and was surprisingly fresh on the palate for its age.

Comtes d’Eguisheim Pinot Gris 2007
A bold and slightly wild nose of spices and pear, and on the palate managed to sit perfectly between dry and sweet, with some toasty and oily texture and viscosity.

Comtes d’Eguisheim Gewürztraminer 2007
Smoky rubbery reductive character on the nose, but was very powerful and yet mellow on the palate, with some salted caramel complexity.

Comtes d’Eguisheim Gewürztraminer 2003
Certainly pushing the wildness and had picked up some fatty volume and richness from age.

Selection de Grains Noble Gewürztraminer 1998
Significantly more subtle on the nose than the previous two, and was exhibiting treacly molasses and cookie dough volume whilst still retaining some freshness and acidity.

Traditional foudre barrels at Leon Beyer

Traditional foudre barrels at Leon Beyer

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