It’s an odd feeling looking back on a sixteen-month trip and trying to remember the places and experiences. Of course the further back I go the blurrier it tends to be, but there are still very clear and strong memories right from the beginning. I also have the benefit of a chronicle to refer to, which I am now in the process of doing. With roughly 200 entries to read through that’s likely to take me a while, and so I’m going to ask you to be patient as I’m also trying to organise my life and try and find sources of income.

Petaluma Riesling 1998
For the time-being I’m in a kind of limbo position between having the purpose of travel and therefore something to write about, and having a number of purposes that will take time to develop and rely a little bit on circumstances. As much as possible I am trying to re-connect with people in the wine business that I knew before I left and also make new connections though different mediums.
Cloudy Bay Late Harvest Riesling 2004

With a wine-buying position to rely on I was informed and able to attend any trade-related events in Melbourne but now it is a little difficult and awkward trying to be aware and get invited to these kind of activities, which is where I would be connecting with people and also tasting wines to write about. I do intend to start visiting wineries but due to timing it’s a little complicated; wineries in Australia and New Zealand are either in the midst or about to begin vintage and this makes winemakers a little distracted if available at all.

Josef Chromy Pinot Gris 2012

It has been really good so far having plenty of time to write and read but I have to get a little more motivated for it. I’ve also met with a few people who have given me some perspective about my next moves, and I’ve even managed a tasting with Krystina Menegazzo who is also known as La Donna del Vino and writes on her own blog, but also works for a prominent Melbourne wine (and other stuff) importer of exclusively Italian imports, most definitely her area of expertise. I highly recommend her blog, and you can also find it in the blogs section. Click here to read the tasting notes from the wines pictured here.

Teusner The Empress Riesling 2011

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