Pieropan – 28/12/2012

Soave 2011
Lovely bright citrus honeyed slightly grassy and herbaceous, a little oily on the nose, very aromatic and soapy. Wonderfully textural, ripe and oily with some warmth but still wonderfully fresh, bright tight, floral influence on the palate. A little creaminess and very subtle sweet nuttiness, roasted chestnuts.

Calvarino 2010
Deeper richer and riper on the nose with more concentration, more subdued spice and green notes, ripe citrus and melon notes. Bright tight focused acids, very intense but also quite subtle fruit characters, soft generous extremely long and complex, rolling around the palate, stone fruit and some pear as well.

La Rocca 2010
Rich ripe very strong creamy crunchy oak character, very burgundian in style, plenty of malolactic and battonage characters, dried stone fruit and citrus. Pretty extreme toastiness. Soft and gentle on the front, but builds with some very intense work characters, at the moment it is difficult to see past the winemaking characters of the wine, particularly in this vintage the fruit and terroir is not showing as much. Approaching Californian chardonnay characters. Opens up nicely once allowed to breathe.

Ruberpan Valpolicella Superiore 2010
Wonderfully spicy and peppery, sloe berries, dark fruit and florals, crushed rosemary. Lovely and soft and fresh, still bright but excellently approachable with lovely depth and length, fills the palate, tight and bright but generous and ageable for at least five years.

Amarone Vigna Garron 2009
Soft ruby nose with some dark cherry and plum characters but also some lovely savoury notes as well. Soft generous smooth velvety tannins, dried berries lovely and intense, certainly in the ripe sweet region, the tannins are very long and grippy. Very balanced alcohol, deceptively well balanced.

Le Colombare Recioto di Soave 2008
Subtle but intense citrus marmalade oxidative characters, some lemon curds and lemon tart, still a little spice and grass notes. Very fresh and not cloying at all, subtle and generous, focused and bright, rolling and yet lifted, exceptional acid holding things together. Wonderfully balanced and full of personality.


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