Domaine Patrick Piuze – 4/12/2012

2012 Les Minots (Vaillons)
Wonderfully bright and concentrated, but great salinity and texture. Fills the mouth, wonderful depth and concentration, breadth and elegance.

2012 Les Forets
More closed on the nose, very complex, richer yet quieter. Still going through fermentation, rich creamy, nice concentration. Clean pure finish.

2012 Butteaux
Much smokier popcorn aromas, some toasty richness, rounder on the nose. Fuller yet drier expression, very bold and intense.

2012 Vaulorent
Bright intense stone fruit nose, very exuberant and inviting. Brighter cleaner more elevated fruit profile, minerality yet to express. Purity and liveliness.

2012 Montee de Tenniere
Wonderfully full, very generous, excellent richness and intensity, dense powerful, bright and almost tropical. Expressive fruit but still balanced savoury notes and minerality.

2012 Bougrots
Bright but also pretty serious, quite intense. Very subtle light and clean, quite mineralic.

2012 Les Blanchots
Completely different aromatically, richer earthier bolder concentration quite tight. Super intense and concentrated on the palate.

2012 Valmur
Rich and round, dense fruit, lifted slight flinty struck-match. Precise concentrated not as exuberant in the fruit, a little closed for now.

2012 Preuses
Soft generous full and rich, but also a little mysterious. Unctuous richness but very soft and elegant, quite assured and relaxed.

2012 Les Clos
Bold excited smoky pop-corny reduction. Les Clos turned up to 11, everything is just a little bit more. Really intense passion-fruit, not overtly tropical but biting and intense.
Domaine Patrick Piuze

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