Domaine Chatelain – 29/11/2012

Chasselas 2010 (Pouilly-sur-Loire)
At first it smells like play-doh. Then the very tight brisk fruit comes through. Thin crisp no real character, not much point drinking it really. Alcoholic water. Different, but not really that interesting. Quite biting.

Harmonie 2010
Lovely and vibrant, nice and concentrated, bright fresh fruits with a good measure of green elements. Not a lot of minerality, to be expected at this level. Exceptionally well balanced, vibrant and full without any heaviness or density, warm and a little textured, well delivered.

Les Chailloux Silex 2010
Much more mineralic, very flinty and smoky (understandable). Very focused and precise, cuts like a razor. Lovely and ripe on the palate, very expressive in fruit, warm and full but great concentration and complexity of minerality.

Les Charmes Chatelain 2010
More complex, deeper and slightly toastier, richer and riper, some stone fruit with the citrus, very subdued floral elements. Concentrated and intense, wonderfully developed fruit and minerality, toasty around the edges, brisk and very textured for now, needs a few more years.

Prestige 2008
Slightly more floral, deep and rich, wonderful concentration, really complex but at the same time very rich ripe and vibrant, wonderfully deep fruit. Minerality will show in a few more years. Not the same structure, much better, wow in the mid-palate, exquisite expression of sauvignon blanc.

Domaine Chatelain

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