Wilfrid Rousse – 21/11/2012

Cuvee Les Galuches 2011
Robust nose of tomatoes and herbs, celery and lettuce, radishes, but also very lifted berry aromas. A little myrtle and blackcurrant. Bright juicy soft and bold, clean without any barrel, nice balance, a tad simple. A little aniseed and some floral elements too.

Cuvee Les Puys 2010
Darker more intense yet more quiet on the nose, softer fuller fruit, less intensity of herbal and floral elements, perhaps from some time in barrique? Bolder but more mellow, deeper and darker structure, more of a blackcurrant liqueur aroma, more classic cabernet franc character. A tad more chocolate caramel character.

Les Bois de Beaumont 2010
Slightly more new oak character, more familiar and classic French red aromas. Darker berries, blueberries and black cherries. A particular aroma runs through the wines, different to that of Baudry. Younger and more flavour, again a more classic ripe and oak balanced profile. More myrtle and blackcurrant, quite high acidity, these wines are likely to age well. Quite a different texture to those of Bordeaux.

Clos de la Roche 2010
Very complex and less expressive for now, minerality and age, maturity and assurance. More balance on the palate, much like the best of Baudry, easily drinkable now but deserving of more time. Exceptional balance and character, harmony of fruit, tannin and acid, nice savouries, the apotheosis of the previous wines.

Cuvee Terroir 2009
Contemplative like a burgundy, wild like a northern rhone, deep like a Bordeaux, rich like a bandol, yet none of these things. Powerful ripe and rich, excellent fruit intensity yet still finesse, elegance, freshness and balance. Bold tannins and exuberant oak, juicy dark fruit with lively acids. Benefit from 10-20 years of age.

Les Puys 2009
A bit locked away aromatically, not expressing a lot but what it is expressing is good. Small intense red berries, a little note of charcuterie. A little cold initially. Very full and characteristic of the vintage, full tannin structure, dark but restrained fruit. Exceptional acids keeping things together beautifully.

Clos de la Roche 2009
Quite closed for now because the bottle is a little cold, but enough expression to see what it is and where its going. Much more than the previous one in terms of power and expression, yet maintaining that harmony and balance. Still great acids and structure, but more fruit to fill the gaps. Good drinking now and will continue to develop. The myrtle elements seen earlier are more complex in the top wines.

Cuvee Terroir 2008
A little lighter in colour, less intensity. More complex closed mineralic nose. Dried floral and small berry notes, myrtle and holly coming through again. Very bold acids, not really enough fruit to carry the wine though, unlike the preceding vintage. Lacks concentration and is a little thin and unripe. Lacking in balance, on the bitter side.

Les Puys 2008
Definitely floral and mineralic, but showing more fruit albeit in a dark and spicy vein. Softer and fuller structure than the previous, more rounded and balanced, high acids and intense tannins but more approachable and fresher. Five years at most to get rid of the sharpness.

Clos de la Roche 2008
Darker colour but still quite light. Light in body and texture, light in fruit and structure, nice fruit but lacking compared to later vintage. Thinner and on the sharp side, needs a warmer vintage to reach its full potential. Concentration a little off. Drinkable but not its best.

Les Puys 2007
Much wilder and perhaps even on the bretty side. More developed and mature, more earthy and rustic, fruit quiet now. Rusticity continues on the palate, nice and mellow but savoury and food-friendly. Youthful exuberance has been tempered by structure and acidity. Still a lot of tannins, keeping well.

Les Puys 2006
Earthy ripe truffles, chocolate and coffee, wild but still relatable. Showing its age on the palate, starting to thin out and look a tad oxidative. Chalkiness and clay showing a lot, tarry leathery notes too. Rounder and mostly on the mid palate, nothing on the front. Powerful yes. Balanced, perhaps it was but it isn’t anymore. Complex nose though.

I love the simplicity and elegance of this label

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