Domaine Bourillon – 22/11/2012

Premium Cuvee NV
Nice clean fruity nose, not a lot of autolysis notes, perhaps more detectable with the Champagne varieties. Bright stone fruit aromas. Good floral elements on the palate, bright clean, good balanced fruit and excellent acids. Pleasant and approachable, but with enough character to distinguish it from sparkling wine made in other regions and from other varieties.

La Coulee d’Argent 2011 Sec
Similar herbaceous notes to other chenin blanc, but with some nice floral apricot elements. Lovely light fresh but some good viscous texture, good fruit balance, stone fruit and a little tropical character. A little R/S to keep things approachable but adding some spice-killing fruity sweetness.

La Bourdonnerie 2011 Demi-sec
Slightly closed nose, delicate floral. Amazing complex roast chestnut hazelnut characters, lovely fruit and sweetness, but some interesting Italian sweet gelato elements. Round rich but fresh, nice layers of character and well integrated everything.

La Levriere 2010 Moelleux
An interesting step up in colour, a few more orange flecks to it. Initially had a mushroomy aroma to it, but then opened up to show more pear and truffle aromas. Texture and volume, more weight but an interesting amount of savoury notes to it. Quince and apple, a little citrus notes as well, quite complex.

La Coulee d’Or 2009 Moelleux
Even richer darker golden colour. Wild mushroom truffle, watercress, foie gras, dark apricot honeyed orange. Thick viscous and rich, honey, citrus, mushroomy, thick but not coating or sticky, not bright either. Good core of acidity balancing things nicely. Will really benefit with age.

Domaine Bourillon

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