Vintage 2012 – Day Seventeen

After a two day hiatus spent mostly resting on my injured back, I returned to the cellars at Nierstein to continue the tank markings. Most of the red grapes were coming in from the vineyards and were being crushed for cold soaking and in then for some, a fermentation on skins. I also got the chance to plunge a ferment, but this time it was a tank filled with silvaner! My second cellar also went off without a hitch.

De-stemmed white berrries after a night soaking, ready to be pressed.
Johannes and Joachim discussing the plan for the day.
My first plunge.
But they’re white grapes!
Soak away all you tannins.
Freshly de-stemmed and crushed.
Make sure everything is in order David.
The Anton is my friend.
Everything make sense?
Hello Nino!
Bunches of fruit, obviously!
Stems, sans grapes.

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