Vintage 2012 – Day Eight

Day eight didn’t involve anything new in terms of work (more cellar cleaning), but I had the afternoon off which allowed me to get a haircut (not really happy with it but you can’t expect much for 15 Euros), and then I took up an invitation to the Ingelheim Rotwein (red wine) Festival. It was somewhere between an agricultural show (without the competition element) and a fair, with lot’s of wine and food with rides for all the kids just starting their holidays. Ingelheim isn’t one of the best places in the Rheinhessen region for wine, but they are known for their red wines like spatburgunder (pinot noir). Ingelheim itself is a lovely town with an old city wall running around it.

A lovely old building in Mainz.
The main square in Mainz with the cathedral in the background.
One of the gates of the old city wall of Ingelheim.

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