Quinta do Ameal – 19/07/2012

Branco 2011
Wonderful honey notes, quite waxy with lovely citrus rind notes. Lovely texture and ripeness but texture and finesse, focus and distinction, some richness and even a salty kind of acidity. Wonderfully fresh and will continue to open up.

Escolha 2009
Nice depth and richness on the nose, slightly broader and more floral elements, slightly riper and bolder, some honeysuckle notes. Still wonderfully fresh and light, but a very late wave of complexity and some creaminess. Wonderfully integrated oak, only adding an extra dimension of some texture and viscosity.

Solo 2011 (non-interventionist wine)
Wonderful floral sherbet notes, completely subtle and unique character, bright and pure, unadulterated. Pure and natural, no better way to describe it. Just fruit, wonderfully simple and shows what wine can be.

Branco 2003
Quite a funky oily oyster shell, water chestnuts, extremely complex, Japanese vegetables, daikon(!). Extremely subtle texture and fruit, soft and gentle, layers of complexity, very subtle creamy savoury notes.

Special Harvest 2010 (passito method)
Has kind of a spirit rum port kind of nose, oxidative and a little volatile. Good acids and focus, a little rich and textural on the front that softens very quickly. Very honey characters.

Quinta do Ameal Arinto 2006

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