Toro Albala – 29/06/2012

Fino Electrico solera
Heady fresh aromas, crisp and vibrant, quite creamy, some green and yellow fruits. Vibrant creamy fruits, broad generous acids, very intense flavours. Quite bold and mature for fino, so young in fruit character, but very intense on the palate with good warmth from the alcohol. Simply stunning.

Amontillado Soledad solera
Amazingly creamy rich caramel nose, buttery, toasty, almonds, nutmeg, vanilla, caramelised bananas. Consistent with the nose but very intense and dry. Warm bold, toasty nutty texture. Very bright sweet profile without sweetness. Incredibly complex and long, lingers for at least five minutes.

Amontillado 100+ years old
Much more subtle and closed, less of the creamy sweet notes on the nose. More subtle on the palate as well, contained and still amazingly fresh. Used to blend in with the vintage PX wine. Somehow more intense and focused, knocked out all of the loose ends and is just concentrated and focused.

1897 PX Viejisimo
Extremely intense closed nose, no vibrancy at all. Almost literally treacle, insanely concentrated and complex, but still retaining acids. Not hot at all, incredibly dark and thick, reducing for 100+ years, wonderfully balanced raisin chocolate elements, some very dark caramel and molasses elements. Very heady stuff…

Toro Albala Fino from the solera

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