Miguel Calatayud – 25/06/2012

Vegaval Plata Varietal Airen 2011
Nice fresh fruit salad aromas, slightly creamy and leesy, green fruits, kiwi. Very fruit-driven approachable balanced, clean and pure in varietal character. Not at all complex, just very friendly and dry, good with food or on its own.

Vegaval Plata Varietal Verdejo 2011
More textural in the mid-palate, broader and a little flatter, good focus and acidity, not enough fruit? Fresh and friendly, certainly, but not enough character. Texture and acids overwhelming a little bit.

Vegaval Plata Varietal Garnacha Cabernet Sauvignon Rosado 2011
Nice clean fresh quiet fruit aromas. Good balance and freshness, clean pure fruit, a little R/S on the back, but solid in the mid-palate with some structure and a little tannin texture as well.

Vegaval Plata Varietal Tempranillo 2010 (faulty wine due to storage)
Very intense nose of dark fruits, mushrooms, floral elements, slightly maderised. Very sweet and raisined fruit, has some acid freshness but no fruit freshness, has some molasses elements as well, but this is not pedro ximenez?? Bottle fault, already peaked, storage?

Vegaval Plata Varietal Tempranillo 2010
Similar nose as the previous one, just showing some more complexity of earth notes. Better fruit freshness, nice maturity of fruit, good balance and finesse. Structure and expression, very interesting for the price.

Vegaval Plata Varietal Garnacha 2011
Quite tight, dusty and a little peppery, but very bold on the nose. Too hot, fruit is a little on the cooked side, warmth is noticeable. Certainly drinkable, but not quite balanced. A tad aggressive and simple at the same time.

Vegaval Plata Reserva 2006
Quite rustic dusty earthy slight mustiness. Quite dark and full, textural influence from some oak and tannin density. Broad and full bodied but not too heavy. Still developing, but great dark fruit core with structure and some complexity.
Miguel Calatayud range

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