Tinto Pesquera – 20/06/2012

Alejairen Airen Crianza 2010 (La Mancha DO)
Incredibly intense golden colour. Quite an alcoholic nose, combination of the 18 months in barrel and the ripeness of this variety. Roasted nuts, savoury honey, ripe stone fruits, glazed citrus. Full bodied richness and viscosity, very creamy and textural, very toasty and full, but not heavy or fat, or alcoholic. Wonderful complexity.

El Vinculo Crianza 2006 (Tempranillo, La Mancha DO)
Bright ruby sweet red fruit nose, nice clean floral aromas. Fresh, fruit forward, clean and pure, good balance, some delicate floral candy notes and very late mineral savoury texture. Wonderfully simple wine.

Dehesa la Granja 2005 (Vino de la Tierra Castilla y Leon, 22 month American oak)
More intense floral earthy dried notes, red fruits and some citrus elements as well. Great freshness again, quite clean and tight, nice balance and composure, American oak giving it some sweetness and clunkiness on the back of the palate. Some of the fruit getting a little lost along the way from freshness and American oak.

Pesquera Crianza 2009 (100% American oak 18 months)
Quite toasty almost smokey notes, very subtle spice and vanilla aspects, good fruit but a little shy somehow. Lovely and supple but with excellent freshness, oak well integrated, complimenting the fruit sweet aspects, nice creamy but sharp and focused tannins and acids. Approachability and character at the same time.

Pesquera Reserva 2008 (100% American oak 24 months)
Wonderfully rustic nose, wild earthy and complex in oak. Very soft and delicate, not at all overt fruit. Quite intense and concentrated, very well balanced, all about the texture. Certainly unique, I hope they never change.

Condado de Haza Reserva 2007 (24 months American oak)
Quite concentrated rustic dusty earthy notes, vibrant red fruits. Lot’s of acidity in this one, tannins very contained and subdued, tight fruit not reflective of the vintage. Really old-school approach to this kind of wine, not at all extractive or over ripe, showing some warmth for now. Against the grain, not at all modern. Question the use of American oak…

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